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Just Sold! Victorian Duplex

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Congratulations! to my most excellent Buyer clients, Shreedhar & Carrie, who just closed escrow on this amazing Victorian duplex in the Haight Ashbury area. Located right next to the famous Four Seasons homes on Waller Street, this four story property had been in the same family for over 70 years. We first viewed this listing in early March and realized what an exciting opportunity it was; lots of space, but typical of an aging beauty, she needs quite a lot of work. Five months later and despite almost every challenge imaginable (lengthy multiple inspections, tenancy drama, buyout negotiations, a potential short sale, a crowd of attorneys, rising interest rates, hundreds of emails, dozens of property visits, personal meetings with seller & family who don't use e-sigs, an out-of-area listing agent...) my very overwhelmed but strong-willed & decisive first time buyer clients finally prevailed and we were able to come to a meeting of the minds and bring this one to the finish line. I've done hundreds of deals here in the Bay Area and I can honestly say that this was one of the most difficult ones I've ever participated in and I am SO PROUD of my clients for going after what they wanted and hanging in there through every single challenging day. I am excited to see what they do with this special property. Additional big "Thank You's" go out to Robert Huibers of Searchlight Lending (NMLS #253680), Team Susan Hanna at Old Republic Title, Attorney Daniel Bornstein and the listing agent Sherrisa White, who all were instrumental in getting this difficult deal done. Team work makes the dream work!

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