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Why Do You Need To Hire A REALTOR©?

Can you buy or sell a home in the Bay Area without losing thousands of dollars on your bottom line?

We all want that right?

But you need to do a few things.

Be sure to hire a real estate agent when looking to buy or sell your home.

We’ve been helping clients buy and sell here for over 25 years.

That’s an awesome question, and with all this talk about working with companies to buy or sell a home without an experienced realtor, or by hiring a discount broker who will sell your home for next to nothing because they lack the experience to be able to actually compete with agents and brokers who truly know how to outperform them in experience, negotiation, and sales. It makes me crazy!

Now I don’t pronounce to be a doctor, but buying or selling a home is most likely one of your largest assets right next to your body, and you wouldn’t operate on yourself would you?

Yep, me either, I don’t like the sight of blood, I faint.

As when hiring a doctor, wouldn’t you want to hire a doctor that specializes in fixing whatever body part you have trouble with? For example, if you broke your hip, you wouldn’t go to a foot doctor. No, you wouldn’t, you’d go to an experienced doctor who specializes in hips.

So do the same with your real estate and mortgage professionals.

It truly can make the difference between you losing a lot of money and potential interest when you’re selling. If you hire an inexperienced real estate professional to capitalize on

your investment or a lender who isn’t experienced enough to actually know what programs are available for you to capitalize on, well, that stinks for you.

So do your homework and hire someone experienced.

Lastly, what about negotiations? What if you were being sued? Wouldn’t you want to hire the very best attorney to keep you out of jail or to keep more money in your pocket in case you have to pay out?

Of course you would!

You want to hire a good attorney who can negotiate you out of any trouble, so you don’t end up between in the slammer or possibly being bankrupt. Well, your home is no different. Remember, it’s most likely your largest investment, so be careful not to hire an agent who’s only card that they have is to reduce their commission because they don’t have the

negotiations and experience to do things the right way. If they can’t negotiate and are willing to reduce their commission right off the bat, that means they can’t negotiate on

your behalf either and it could end up costing you thousands and thousands of dollars.

So take my advice: Being a specialist, having lots of experience, and knowing how to negotiate is the right choice when purchasing or selling your largest investment.

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