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San Francisco

89 Westwood Dr

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco


One of the things I love about my job is that it’s different every day, and each new transaction brings a new set of clients, who then become good friends. My most recent closing was one of these heartwarming close collaborations with Alex & Richard, who just bought a charming detached single family home in the wonderful gem of a neighborhood called Westwood Park, SF. These guys were some of the most motivated clients I’ve ever had; working diligently and going to open houses every single weekend, we made a few offers on properties until things finally fell their way. They were like lucky charms – two times we went out on tour together, I found money on the street! The first time it was the real $100; the second time, we found the million-dollar Prince bill. So one of my closing gifts to them was this framed memory of their home search, along with the ‘lucky bills’…very DIY & hokey but at least it’s original & memorable!

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