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Our Agents have been representing Buyers in our San Francisco Bay Area local real estate market for over 25 years. We have seen the market cycle up and down and then up again. When you work with us, you get the advantage of our local experience, our knowledge of the neighborhoods, our familiarity with the comparable sales, and the benefit of our extensive connections with vendors and colleagues. We know how to excel in our industry and how to successfully guide our clients towards an accepted offer and successful closing.  

You Deserve Exclusive Reputation

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Join Our Purchase Concierge Program
Proven Results! Clients who join our exclusive Buyer's Program have access to our top-tier services and tend to find their search to be more efficient, the transaction smoother, faster and less stressful than they had expected.

This is why our team consistently gets Five-Star Reviews!

When you decide to work with us, not only do you get amazing communication, expert advice and the benefit of our local knowledge every step of the way, but you also receive:

Initial Consultation & Basic Info
Customized Search Plan
Tailored Listing Alerts That Match Your Specifications 
Weekend Open House Suggestions  
Agent Preview Of Listings
Introduction to Local Lenders & Vendors 
Copy of Transaction Documents & Reports For Your
Showings via Video 
Price Analysis & Comparable Sale Review
Tips & Tricks For A Stronger Offer
Disclosures & Reports Review  
Inspection Advice 
Home Warranty Bonus 
Please Let Us Know -What Are You Looking For When It Comes To Working With Your Agent ?

What is the most important to you ~ communication frequency and style? Alerts for 'Coming Soon' opportunities? Time-saving agent previews of listings for you? Tips for multiple offer situations? 
We Work With Multiple Top-Rated Mortgage Consultants


Many home buyers don't realize how closely their agent and their lender must work together to successfully close a deal. Some of the ways we work together include:

  • Initial Introduction

  • Vetting of property: does it meet underwriting guidelines?

  • Budget & payment advice

  • Collaboration on contingency timelines for appraisal, full approval and close of escrow

  • Communication with the title company

  • Keeping the timeline on track

  • Handling of closing documents

Cash Offer Resources 

Oftentimes Buyers find it difficult to 'compete' in our challenging and fast-paced Bay Area real estate market, especially when they find themselves up against other Buyers who have the financial ability to waive the financing contingency and close transactions faster. One way to combat this competition is to become a cash buyer yourself...but how do you do this when you don't actually have the cash funds???


Answer: You can align yourself with a company that provides the cash funds for you! Yes, there are companies that will take a look at your buying scenario and 'front' you the funds to make a cash offer. You purchase the house using their money and then after you close the transaction, you refinance to pay back their advance. It's actually pretty simple - but it's not free. These companies have fees that they impose in order for you to 'use' their cash funds. Fees may vary, depending on which resource you use, as well as other things like the amount of money you need, or whether or not you refinance using their in-house lender, etc.  

Here's a quick case study involving a past Buyer client who we helped last year: Having sold their house in another state, they were relocating to the Bay Area to start a new job. They experienced 'sticker shock' when it came to finding a home that fit within their budget and weren't ready for the level of competition that they encountered. After a few months of making solid offers only to get beat out by Cash Buyers, they became a lot more stressed out because their deadline to begin their new job was looming closer and closer.  We took an honest look at our progress and discussed how they could increase their chances. They decided to work with one of our local 'Cash Offer' providers. It was great timing because that week, we had actually found another perfect house for them; we made a cash offer that had a fast close, and they got the deal! After months of shopping and making unsuccessful offers, they were finally able to move out of their short-term (and expensive) rental. The cash offer company that they chose to work with had a fee structure that charged them 1% of their final loan amount...which was less than what their short-term rental had cost them for multiple months.  Plus, they were able to purchase their new house for less money because they didn't feel like they had to overbid as high as they had been when they were a financed Buyer.  An easier way to explain this is that to compete as a Buyer who is getting a loan, they were often offering 10-20% over the asking price; but as a Cash Buyer with a faster close, they became more desirable to the Seller and their chances of 'winning' the multiple offer scenario increased. The fee that they paid to 'use' the cash funds was less than what they would have had to overbid to get the deal, and it happened much faster.  

Bay Area Local Real Estate affiliates with multiple cash-buyer lenders and we are happy to share our resources with you and discuss the pros/cons of using these type of programs. 


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