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Sellers: Timelines When Selling

This is a video for those of you who are thinking of selling your property, whether it's a single family home, a condo or an investment property. Many of the questions that I am often asked by my Seller clients have to do with timelines and the steps involved in a transaction on the Seller's side of things.

OK Sellers - so what should you expect? After working with hundred of sellers, it’s a question that we get asked all the time. Hi, I’m Rebecca Brooks, real estate broker.

First, we need to get the home ready for sale. You really need to be careful to not to just slap the home on the MLS prior to having it in "show ready" condition. This will give you an idea of a few things that you need to think about prior to actually letting buyers go into your home.

After we meet and you decide to list with us, we will give you a contract to sign, called a Listing Agreement. This is how your hire us. Once we have an executed listing agreement, we will then schedule an appointment with our stager to come over and give you practical recommendations on exactly what you need to do to enhance the appearance of your home. Don’t worry, there’s no additional cost to you for this service - staging consultations are free; but it is a really essential step to take. Perhaps the stager will give you some easy practical ideas regarding paint colors, or furniture placement; or maybe you decide that you need more help and opt for a partial or even a full staging job. Research shows that staged listings sell faster and for more money.

Then, once your home is in show ready condition, we will schedule our professional photographer and videographer to come to the home to take photos and videos, and maybe some drone footage, so they can create professional images that highlight all of the unique features of the home.

Once we have the pictures and all the videos, we will then work on all of the back end digital marketing assets that allow us to expose your home to the masses. This is one of the most important parts of selling your home at the highest possible price. We don’t just put up a sign and put it on the MLS; it’s much more detailed than that. We have a very strategic, comprehensive, digital marketing strategy that we utilize that has been specifically created to target buyers searching for homes in our SF Bay area. We create and run highly targeted ad campaigns across multiple social media platforms. Please know, by just posting your home on a Facebook Page or on a Business Page, only about 3% of people are actually seeing it. So we properly expose your home across multiple social media platforms.

During this time we also talk about whether you should have any inspections done prior to going on the open market. We also go over all the disclosures with you and help you to fill them out completely, so we have these available for potential buyers to review so they are fully aware of the condition of the home prior to making an offer.

Don’t forget, we go onto all the major sites like Zillow,, you name it we’re there. And we’ve enhanced our marketing efforts on these sites to get optimum performance out of our our ads, reels, and videos.

Once the listing is 'live' and on the market, right away we can expect agents to be calling and making showing appointments. We will create a showing schedule that includes neighborhood previews, evening showings, broker's tours and open houses.

How long it will take to receive an acceptable offer will depend on the time of year and the market conditions.

Keep watching our videos and check out our website for more real estate guidance.

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