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If we learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that one should never depend on a single income, but should instead make an investment to create a second one. When you have a professional who is dedicated to helping you before, during, and after your transaction, anticipating problems or issues, and working to bring about the best outcomes at every stage, you can focus on what matters to you most—whether that’s scouting out an ideal investment or making a profit selling a property in order to bankroll your next one.  


As the grandchild of a real estate investor, Charlene has been excited about real estate since she was a kid. In fact, her first college major was real estate, but she was forced to switch gears when the housing bubble burst in 2009, making the route for turning her passion into her profession a long one. Initially, Charlene’s organizational and interpersonal skills led her to work as an administrative and executive assistant before entering a paralegal program, after which she spent years as a paralegal in Los Angeles, working for firms both large and small. As a secondary source of income, Charlene also began working for herself as a Loan Signing Agent walking borrowers through the loan signing process. Eventually, she was offered an assignment as a Broker’s Assistant, which led her to begin studying for her Salesperson’s License again. In the meantime, she kept working as a paralegal, though now in real estate learning all about due diligence, acquisitions and leasing.  


Moving to Marin and finding inspiration in this beautiful area confirmed for her that she wanted a career that was more connected to her new hometown. When searching for her first Marin home, Charlene found that she loved learning about each little pocket. From the beaches and mountains to the farmlands and vineyards, she was hooked, and there was no turning back. 



When she’s not racing around the North Bay, you can find Charlene at a cycling class, foraging for mushrooms or spending time with her family. She is an eternal student, and plans to acquire as many real estate designations and certifications as possible.   

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